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Air Conditioner Write for Us

Air Conditioner Write For Us

Willis Carrier designed the modern air conditioner in 1902 for the first time. Willis’ invention led to increased production in the manufacturing sector and was the beginning of summer blockbusters.

Popcorn and an ice-cold cinema –no better way to cool down! People quickly realized that precise indoor temperature and humidity control offered great benefits. Everything from malls to homes became places where people could comfortably enjoy life.

The Basics of Air Conditioning

Air conditioning systems consist of three components:  a condenser coil, an evaporator coil, and a compressor. They also have a coolant chemical that circulates through the system, absorbing and dissipating heat. These three components quickly convert the refrigerant from a gas to a liquid and back to a gas again.

What are Refrigerants?

Refrigerants have a pretty exciting superpower: they can easily switch from liquid to gas, making them very useful in air conditioning. From chemistry class (or boiling water on the stove) you know how liquid water evaporates and turns into a gas (steam) when heated to the right temperature.

The same applies to refrigerants: in the liquid state, they absorb heat and become gaseous. The refrigerant is forced back into a liquid in the air conditioner, causing it to shed heat from the outside and flow back inside the house to absorb and dissipate more heat.

What is an Air Conditioning Compressor and Condenser?

The compressor and condenser work together in an outdoor unit (or on the roof of a company).

The task of the compressors is precisely this: to compress or increase the pressure and temperature of the refrigerant gas. The hot, pressurized gas then passes through the condenser, where condensation occurs. The heat is often released into the air using a fan, and the refrigerant gas condenses into a liquid state, starting the whole process over.

What are the types of Air Conditioner?

There are six types of air conditioners are mentioned below

Wall Air Conditioners

Window Air Conditioners

Portable Air Conditioners

Central Air Conditioners

Air Conditioner supplies

Shop All Air Conditioners

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