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The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) (also Chief Executive Officer in the United Kingdom, simply Chief Executive Officer (CE) or Chief Executive Officer (MD)) is the most senior civil servant accountable for the direction of an organization, particularly a nonprofit organization or institution.

CEOs hold positions in various organizations, including public and secluded companies, nonprofit organizations, and even some government organizations (particularly public companies). The CEO of a corporation or company characteristically reports to the board and is responsible for maximizing enterprise value, which may include maximizing stock price, market share, income, or some other element. In nonprofit and government industries, CEOs typically aim for a score

related to the organization’s mission, which remains usually required by law. The executive directors are also often assigned the role of executive director of the organization and senior executive board member.

 Famous CEOs

Business columnists, beginning with Edward Bernays (1891-1995) and his client John D. Rockefeller (1839-1937), and even more successful business columnists since Henry Ford propagated the concept of the “famous CEO.” Business journalists often take this approach, which assumes that corporate results, particularly in manufacturing, are the work of exceptionally talented individuals, particularly a “heroic CEO.” For this reason, reporters are celebrating the CEO’s strategic actions.

The model is an entertainment, sports, and political star – compare the “big man theory.”Guthrey et al. argue that “…these individuals are not themselves created, but rather are the result of widespread media exposure, to the fact that their actions, personalities, and even their private lives function symbolically and represent the dynamics and significant tensions of the prevailing present.

” Situation.” commercial atmosphere. In society”. As a result, journalism exaggerates the importance of the CEO and tends to overlook the harder-to-describe factors within the organization. Little attention is paid to the complex and organized technical bureaucracy that does the job. Arrogance arises when a CEO internalizes a celebrity and becomes overconfident when making complex decisions. The focus may be on the kind of decisions that attract famous journalists.

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