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Cyberattacks Write For Us

Cyberattacks Write For Us

The motives behind cyber attacks can vary, but there are three main categories: criminal, political, and personal.

Criminal-motivated attackers seek financial gain by stealing money, stealing data, or disrupting businesses. Cybercriminals can hack into a bank account to steal money directly or use social engineering scams to trick people into sending them money. Hackers can steal and use data for identity theft, sell it on the dark web, or hold it for ransom.

Blackmail is another popular tactic. Hackers can use ransomware, DDoS attacks, or other tactics to hold data or devices hostage until a company pays. According to the X-Force Threat Intelligence Index, 27 percent of cyberattacks aim to extort money from their victims.

Personally motivated attackers, such as disgruntled current or former employees, primarily seek retaliation for an alleged insult. They can loot money, steal sensitive data, or disrupt a company’s systems.

Politically motivated attackers are often associated with cyberwar, cyberterrorism, or “hacktivism”. In cyber warfare, nation-state actors often attack government agencies or critical infrastructure of their enemies. For example, since the beginning of the war between Russia and Ukraine, both countries have experienced a series of cyberattacks against vital institutions (link outside Activist hackers, so-called “hacktivists,” must not cause great damage to their targets. Instead, they seek attention to their concerns by publicizing their attacks.

Less common motivations for cyberattacks include corporate espionage, where hackers steal intellectual property to gain an unfair advantage over the competition, and vigilante hackers, who exploit vulnerabilities in a system to warn others about them. Some hackers hack just for fun and enjoy the intellectual challenge.

Who is Behind the Cyber-Attacks?

Criminal organizations, state actors, and individuals can launch cyber attacks. One way to classify threat actors is to categorize them into external or internal threats.

External threats are not allowed to use a network or device but still penetrate. External cyber threat actors include organized crime groups, professional hackers, state-sponsored actors, amateur hackers, and hacktivists.

Insider threats are users who have authorized and legitimate access to an organization’s assets and intentionally or accidentally abuse their privileges. This category includes employees, business partners, customers, contractors, and suppliers with access to the system.

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Cyberattacks Write For Us
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