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How to Reduce Your  Screen Time Without Apps

how to reduce a screen time

Reduce Your Screen Time Without Apps – Several options can help you report screen times. Reduce Your Screen Time Without Apps Still, information isn’t enough, just like knowing how frequently you go above-recommended volume levels. So here are some recommendations from Redditors on spending less time on your phone that doesn’t entail adding new apps to your device.

Distinguish between necessary and unnecessary phone use.

Take stock of your phone usage as a starting point. After all, phones have largely supplanted notepads, newspapers, and other informal and formal communication modes. In addition, realizing that you may be more productive throughout the long time spent on the device will likely make you feel better.

One Reddit member commented, “What you need to cut is not screen time but time squandered on worthless nonsense on your phone.” A screen time tracker is probably already pre-installed on your phone and should break down your usage per app. Go over the list and remove everything you deem wasteful, but remember that social media can also be educational and valuable, depending on your desire for learning.

The same person advised disabling notifications for “everything but the most necessary apps” and uninstalling gaming or social networking apps that hinder productivity. So first stage is identifying which apps need to be restricted, and the second is working to reduce (or eliminate) their usage.

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Keep your phone out of sight (although this is trickier than it seems).

You can use your phone to toggle “restrictions” for apps, but you can always get around them. Try keeping your phone out of your sight as an alternative. “Put your phone out of arm’s reach whenever you engage in any other activity, such as eating, reading, watching TV, talking to friends, learning, or working. The same user stated, “we leave my phone in a different room if I’m working on anything that needs my complete focus.

Practice being physically active while conscious, and don’t give up if it takes time to stop checking your notifications in the other room. Beyond the Redditverse, this advice also applies: When dining, Scripps advises avoiding screens and keeping them out of the bedroom, especially before night.

Consider reading a book or working on other non-phone-related activities to keep yourself busy while eating or relaxing. “You might try to notice patterns of behaviours that make you spend time on your phones. For example, after breakfast, I always sit in this one chairs and fiddle around on Reddit for a long time,” another user said. Then you could try to break that habit by doing something else when you would typically be sitting in a chair using a phone, such as taking a walk or doing anything else.

Make your phone less appealing

Turn your display to grayscale, a user advised, echoing our suggestion from years ago. You might not be as drawn to your phone if it isn’t enjoyable to look at the screen. Remove any interesting backdrops, entertaining typefaces, or attention-grabbing widgets to take it further. Make things as straightforward as possible so you can learn what you need to know without being distracted by unnecessary eye candy.

Another user advised purchasing an older phone type, which would be inexpensive and efficient in limiting the number of apps you might utilize. Although installing new versions of most apps will be more challenging, you can still play Spotify and send SMS. As a result, you’ll mostly use your computer for technologically assisted productivity.

Tips to Reduce Your Screen Time Without Apps

You probably spend much time staring at screens, just like I do. No matter if it’s a TV, laptop, tablet, phone, or computer. We all understand the harm that excessive screen time causes, but it can be challenging to break habits. I’m conscious of glancing away from screens more often, and I’ve discovered some great strategies for doing so. Here are my top suggestions for cutting back on screen time.

Set limits on your phone

On an iPhone, go to Settings>Screen Time to view how much time you spend using your phone. You might be surprised to learn how much time you spend on particular Apps (I’m looking at you, Instagram!) or how frequently you pick up your phone each day.

The good news is that you can help with this by taking a few easy steps. One is to schedule Downtime, where you may specify time away from your screen (in hours or between limited hours) and customize days (digital detox on the weekends?).

Would you like to spend less time on specific Apps? Then, take advantage of the App Limits function to specify your daily usage for a selection of Apps, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so forth. After arriving at your limit, you won’t be able to access them until the next day.

If you use an Android device, you can find the app timers and other options in Settings > Digital Wellbeing. In addition, you may learn how to use the tools and control your time by reading this helpful article from Google.

Turn off notifications

My phone does not have any notifications turned on. I do this because I don’t want an “excuse” to pick up my phone and find them highly obtrusive. To avoid being disturbed frequently, I strongly advise turning off app notifications.

Turn Zoom calls into phone calls

Why is video required for every call now? Not at all! Why not advise that some work calls are merely regular phone calls? In this manner, you may take your call outside and get some fresh air while avoiding gazing at a device!

Read more, watch less

My favourite advice is, without a doubt, this one. Instead of doing so anymore, I used to get out of bed, make coffee, and watch some breakfast television. I have read a book for at least 20 to 30 minutes before my daily coffee for over a year. It is much kinder to begin the day in this manner. I strongly advise it! Instead of immediately turning on the television after work, I occasionally take up my book and read. Are you looking for some book ideas? Nine books I read and adored are listed below.

Switch your phone off at night

Though I’ve only been doing it for a month, it has helped me stop reaching for my phone! It is shut off at around 8 p.m. and turned back on until the morning. The benefit of doing this that I appreciate the most is that it prevents me from checking my phone right before bed, which is incredibly bad for sleep.


And why should digital-free spaces be restricted to bedrooms? Even though the technology is portable, Reduce Your Screen Time Without Apps you do not need to use it in every room in your house or place of business. Instead, create designated digital sites or workspaces that you must actively enter to engage in screen time.

It makes it less alluring and more straightforward to work into a regimen.

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