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Intranet Write For Us

Intranet Write For Us

An intranet can remain your organization’s private website, exclusive to staff, inaccessible to the general public via the World Wide Web. Imagine an intranet where employees “electronically meet,” connect, work on projects, interact with the organization, and get to know each other. A social intranet introduces features popularized by famous social networks to improve upward communication.

Can the intranet work without the Internet?

The Internet is the underlying technology that enables intranet connectivity. The intranet and internal remain usually kept separate to keep the intranet secure. To access the intranet, employee computers must remain connected to your organization’s local area network (LAN). These computers need web browsing software like Safari, Firefox, or Internet Explorer. Firewalls remain installed as gatekeepers and to provide security.

What is the difference between Internet and intranet?

The Internet is a globally connected network of computers that anyone can publicly access. The intranet is a local or restricted network and is only accessible to people within an organization. Another big difference is that an intranet is software as a service (SaaS) that an organization can purchase or license. A single person or organization does not own the Internet, but companies or governments can hold certain bits.

What is intranet software?

Typically, the question is: what is the difference between software-as-a-solution applications and intranet software?

Although some SaaS and collaboration tools integrate with other applications, you and your employees will still log into ten different platforms before the day starts. Isolated platforms create information silos. SaaS tools don’t talk to each other, so you have to switch between them, wasting time searching for contextual information that’s vital to your tasks. Ultimately, all the productivity increases these solutions were supposed to provide are lost.

This is where intranet software comes in. The difference between intranet and the Internet is that intranet software breaks down those silos through complete integration, so you no longer have ten different logins that don’t work together. Instead, you have a complete system that incorporates all the functional parts of your digital workplace, into one central platform.

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