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Smartphones Write For Us

Smartphones Write For Us

Smartphone refers to a portable electronic device connecting to a mobile network. Smartphones were introduced to the world by IBM in 1994, but have since spread to companies like Apple and Samsung. Although they originally intended to allow people to communicate via telephone and email, smartphones now allow people to access the Internet, play games, send text messages, and make phone calls and send emails.

For decades, before web surfing on cell phones became possible, carriers relied on the fee structure they had relied on: calling another line cost a fixed flat fee, and sending a text message cost another fixed fee. . The introduction of smartphones has drastically changed the telecommunications industry. While cell phones were considered a death knell for landlines, smartphones were considered a death knell for the prototypical cell phone.

Once consumers realized they could interact with smartphone-based applications like messaging apps and games, demand for cell phones that didn’t offer this functionality fell. Demand for mobile phones without smartphone functionality fell sharply in developed economies.

Smartphone Price Changes

Cell phone costs have decreased over time thanks to the proliferation of mobile technology and Moore’s Law. The first portable cell phone, the Motorola DynaTAC 8000X, cost $11,000 at current exchange rates.

Those costs have dropped significantly. For example, the average smartphone cost was around $471 in 2014, dropping to $402 in 2016.

Prices may be lower, but they still aren’t cheap. However, this has no impact on demand.

Apple, for example, charges a premium for its iPhone devices, and that’s largely because Apple is a well-known and trusted brand. The market viewed the introduction of the iPhone as Apple’s salvation, as sales and revenue from its computers had lagged in the years leading up to the device’s release.

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Smartphones Write For Us
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