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Vacuum Cleaner Write For Us

Vacuum Cleaner Write For Us

The simple but effective design of vacuum cleaners eliminates the need to manually remove dust and other small particles from surfaces, making cleaning around the home more efficient and relatively quick. With sheer suction power, the vacuum cleaner removes the dirt and stores it for disposal.

Vacuum Cleaners Work

Negative Pressure

The easiest way to explain how vacuum cleaners suck up dirt is to think of each one as a straw. When you sip a drink through a straw, the suction creates negative air pressure inside the straw: a pressure less than that of the surrounding atmosphere. Like in space movies, where a rupture in a spaceship’s hull sucks people into space, a vacuum cleaner creates a negative pressure inside, causing air to flow inward.

Electric Motor

Vacuum cleaners use an electric motor that spins a fan that sucks in air (and any small particles trapped in it) and pushes it the other way, into a bag or container, to create a vacuum. One might then think it would stop working after a few seconds as only a limited amount of air can be introduced into a small space. To get around this, the vacuum cleaner has an exhaust port that blows air out the other side, allowing the motor to continue running normally.


However, the air does not simply flow through and is expelled on the other side. That would be very harmful to the people using the vacuum cleaner. Because? In addition to the dirt a vacuum cleaner picks up, it also picks up very fine particles that are almost invisible to the eye. If inhaled in large quantities, they can damage the lungs. Since not all of these particles are trapped in the bag or bin, the vacuum cleaner passes the air through at least one fine filter and often a HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Arrest) filter to remove most dust. Only now can the air be safely breathed again.

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The performance of a vacuum cleaner is not only determined by the power of its motor, but also by the size of the suction opening, i.e. the part that sucks up the dirt. The smaller the inlet size, the more suction is generated because the air has to move faster when the same amount of air is being forced through a narrower passage. Because of this, vacuum attachments with small, narrow suction ports seem to have much higher suction power than larger ones.

There are many different types of vacuum cleaners, but they all work according to the same principle: a vacuum is generated by a fan, the dirt sucked in is collected, the exhaust.

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