Action Plan to Achieve Goals – A document lays out the steps or tasks you must complete, the people you must involve, and all the resources you need to accomplish your business goals. An action plan breaks down the goal into small, actionable steps and makes it easier to measure the progress of all the tasks in chronological order.

Assume you have a venture with an approaching deadline. You have no time to compose a complete project plan, or the project is so modest that it doesn’t require one. It could be a private or work-related project like simplifying a crew bonding activity or planning a wedding reception. You may have an intellectual idea of all you need to do to achieve your goal, but you need to organize your thoughts to better prepare.

The Key Steps of An Action Plan

The Key Steps of An Action Plan

The central fact of an action plan is to guarantee you don’t overlook critical tasks and milestones of your project. As you progress with your action plan, you decide which jobs you can represent, outsource, or postpone. The steps below are how to write a complete action plan to increase your chance of achievement.

Step 1: Describe your Goal

Get vibrant about what you want to accomplish with your project. Describe where you are and where you want to be. If you have alternate methods to achieve your goal, measure your situation and decide the best probabilities of success depending on your properties.

Step 2: Incline Tasks

When you take your goal, list the tasks and events you must complete to reach it. Then order them consecutively by adding key dates and deadlines.

Step 3: Identify Critical Tasks

These are critical tasks with addictions. Prioritize these tasks and set accurate deadlines. If you plan to allow them to be team associates, let them know the dependencies and allow them enough time to deliver them.

Step 4: Assign Tasks

Now the project is broken down, and you can start assigning tasks. When you handle some yourself in managing the project, make sure you allocate time and human resources carefully, and choose to envoy or outsource specific tasks.

Step 5: Assess and Improve

At the end of each project, assess the presentation and take pieces of training to improve your action planning and project implementation. Therefore, if you work with a team, accumulate feedback and improvement suggestions from team associates for better future performance.

Action Plan Best Observations to Achieve Goal

Following these action plan best observations to ensure that you’re more likely to succeed:

Involve your team: When working with a group, involve them first in planning to get their effort and save time. Get team fellows’ work schedules before conveying tasks to avoid struggles. Communicate clearly to permit them to formulate their responsibilities.

Set SMART goals: SMART goals are Explicit, Measurable, Achievable, Applicable, and Timely. Confirm your action plan starts with a strong foundation by defining clear and SMART goals that add worth, either as a personal venture or a company venture.

Make your action plans into templates: To grow more profits from them, make them into templates for similar projects. After measuring your action plans at the end of a completed project, copy the procedure and remove all project-specific details so you can use the action plan template in future projects. It reduces work and saves a lot of time and also mistakes.

Who Needs to Write an Action Plan?

  • Action plans are not uniquely operating in project management. They are handy for project directors, professional service workers, and also, individuals and valuable for personal and business projects. Action plans can also function alone or with a team. In teams, the leader grows the action plan with the contribution of team members.
  • Emerging an action plan helps individuals, managers, and also, organizations complete more successful projects. They are great for kick-starting, trailing, and also preserving progress on any project. Recollect the check-off tasks as they are over, update the plans, and also, communicate with your team as your project progresses.

Action Plan Example

Action plans are fast and easy to generate. Hence, it’s all about putting down what you need to complete your goal or complete a project. While, here’s a simple action plan example;

Preparing for a Solo International Trip.

  • Things I need: Passport, money, clothes and shoes, gifts, medicine.
  • Timeline: Flight out: Dec 22.
  • Peru: 3 days.
  • Brazil: 6 days.
  • Flight in: Jan 5.
  • Things to do: Buy a plane ticket.
  • Withdraw money from the bank: [Change currencies]
  • Hospital check-up: [Pick up meds]
  • Plan outfits
  • Wrap gifts

Following our action plan steps, we would identify any critical tasks on this list and reorder them to ensure they’re taken care of in time to handle their dependencies. Therefore, in this action plan example, changing currencies depends on withdrawing money from the bank, making it a top priority.

Action Plan to Achieve Goals Example

The following is an example of an action plan for an apparel retailer:

  • Problem: Slow profit growth as a result of poor customer service.
  • Goal: Increase profits by 50% within three years.
  • Our Three-Year Goal

Therefore, we imagine our apparel retail business to increase our profitability by 40% as we follow this plan to improve customer service and increase staffing over the next three years.

  • The current state of our business: Yearly profit of $150,000, four employees and many customers complaints.
  • Our business in six months: Every employee will be capable in customer service, and profit will rise to 10%.
  • Our business in 12 months: Yearly profit of $180,000, six employees, no job vacancies and strong customer service culture.
  • Our business in three years: In the top 20% of apparel retailers with the largest market share in Palo Alto, California.

Action Plan to Achieve Goal

Task 1. Training

Action: All employees will undergo customer service training.

Completion date: September 20XX

The individual responsible: Sales manager

Task 2. Recruitment

Action: Classify skill sets needed from new employees and also, work with the recruitment agency to hire the right talent.

Completion date: November 20XX

The individual responsible: Sales manager

Task 3. Improve Customer Facility

Action: Update our website and keep it existing.

Completion date: Starts in December 20XX and remains ongoing

The individual responsible: IT manager

Task 4. Generate More Sales

Action: Meet with the top 20% of customers and devise strategies to generate more sales per customer.

Completion date: January 20XX

The person responsible: Customer sales manager.


In action plan to achieve goals, the plan is the first and most important part of the process of setting. It sounds obvious, but people often don’t do it; they often set goals based on society’s words. Thus, we should be striving for this can cause people to set goals of earning a certain income, running a marathon, or getting down to a specific clothing size. If you want to set goals that will be meaningful to you and be motivated to work on them, you need to clarify what dreams you could select. Thus, related to those priorities, step two of this process is to define your goal and achieve your goal.

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