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Asset Write For Us

Asset Write For Us

Assets are resources used by an individual or a company. For example, a person’s assets may include work experience or life insurance. On the other hand, a company’s assets are things that allow the company to generate income.

Definition Of Asset

An asset is generally anything that is useful or has value. Most people own personal belongings such as cash, savings accounts, bonds, life insurance, jewelry, and collectibles. A person’s skills and abilities can also be an advantage.

In business, however, assets must offer positive economic value: the resource must create or produce something that the company can sell for cash, or the resource must have resale value.

Most things a company owns or controls are assets in one form or another. For example, employees are assets because companies need people to run operations, develop products, or provide services. The building where employees work is also an asset, as are all the machines and fixtures that employees manufacture or use.

Who Needs To Know About The Assets?

Assets are at the heart of every company’s finances. Therefore, business owners and members of a company’s finance team must thoroughly understand their company’s assets. Accountants, in particular, need to have a solid understanding of assets and how they affect a company’s finances. Accounting is often about looking at the relationships between assets and other important measures of a company’s finances, such as revenue, liabilities, and equity.

How The Asset Is Used

How a company uses an asset is an important classification, particularly about future projections. A business needs to understand which resources are critical to day-to-day operations and which are peripheral or non-essential to day-to-day use.

Operating Assets

A company’s business assets are a vital resource for day-to-day operations. There is a lot of overlap between business assets and almost all other asset classes. For example, many short-term assets such as inventory are needed for day-to-day operations.

Non-Operating Assets

Non-operating assets are non-essential resources that a company does not use daily. Some non-operational resources, such as idle inventory or real estate, are common to most organizations. However, certain companies may have different non-operating assets. For example, a company may own a patent for a product it no longer manufactures, making it a non-business asset.

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