Best Life and Beyond is a Southern California-based channel that focuses on living our best lives through tons of travel, fun, food, outdoor activities, and so much more. It is a social media “business” overcast by vloggers Katie and Spencer. They have been dating for over three years and began this channel as friends who enjoyed going to Disneyland together.

Best Life and Beyond vloggers primarily picture YouTube videos in Disneyland and occasionally visit a few other places, such as Las Vegas. They also use Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok to promote themselves and to get brand partnerships.

Best Life and Beyond is not a hatred group. We want to hold them responsible for their bad behavior and prevent others from falling into their grifting scheme. This wiki will provide documentation of their actions and character, a dossier.

Egregious Behaviors of Best Life and Beyond Members

Egregious Behaviors of Best Life and Beyond Members

They were creating fake IG, Twitter and YT accounts and consuming them to harass individuals who put constructive or pessimistic comments on BLAB IG and YT sides. In May 2022, KT using the fake IG name happyplace3765, which has since been rehabilitated several times – as of 19 Aug 22, it is now goofypancakes880, sent a sequence of unbalanced messages to a Tattler. These messages were a combination of intimidations and unbelievable claims, including:

  • They threatened to communicate with the Tattler’s employer and display the messages and comments they had mailed on Tattle. This person had never been mentioned on any BLAB forum or any of KT or Spence’s private social media pages. They had also never communicated or privately messaged either of them.
  • BLAB had engaged civil attorneys to examine and accuse the tattle member in a polite outfit.
  • DL was investigating those that were ‘harassing’ BLAB using thumbprint ID and facial recognition software.
  • She claimed that the second apartment was not theirs but belonged to a friend who lent it to them for filming
  • They were acclaim from the apartment with ATW because he was secretly in love with Kt. Thus the atmosphere became unsustainable, so KT and Spence chose to move out for this reason
  • Both are part owners in Tattle, and we should stop posting on the forum as this was helping to make their money as they are ‘fabulously wealthy’, enabling them to buy a new car.

Buyer Terms of Best Life and Beyond

These Buyer Terms apply when you buy physical goods and other Merchandise (“Merchandise”) online through the Site or Services. Orders from the Store may be fulfilled in whole or in part by any represented affiliate or subsidiary, including Cameo.com, and third parties participating in the sale of Merchandise, such as participating Sellers or our service providers.

  1. Prices and Payment.
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  6. Order Cancellation.
  7. Shipping and Delivery.
  8. Returns, Exchanges, and Replacements.

Seller Terms of Best Life and Beyond

Seller Products and Content. You may choose to collaborate with Represent to design, create, produce, or offer for sale custom apparel, physical goods and other non-digital Merchandise dedicated to you each, a “Seller Product” and customized with content, data, artwork, trade-marks, taglines, or other materials you provide to Represent “Seller Content” through the Site, including through Cameo.com or any white label or customized page operated by Represent

  1. Selling Merchandise with Represent
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  6. Indemnification
  7. Disclaimers and Limitation of Liability
  8. Ownership


Hence, Best Life and Beyond continue to break park rules and annoy and outbreak park goers while video recording her vlog posts at the park. During one video, they openly tease a disabled woman riding a scooter. During an alternative vlog, they bouts an African American family, particularly the children. They have a history of making false privileges against guests in the gardens. Moreover, they use staff and security at the park as armament and continuously video how they will use them against parkgoers.

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