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Best survey apps for Android or iPhone

Best survey apps for Android or iPhone

Best Survey Apps-Whether it’s your own or someone else’s, best survey apps are a terrific way to gather opinions and information. Here are a few of the top Android survey apps that will help you get started creating your own.

Google Opinion Rewards

You can earn Google Play credits by responding to various questions on the Google Opinion Rewards survey app. You will receive a survey once a week after creating your profile.


With the help of the software Swagbucks, you can earn gift cards in exchange for viewing videos, taking surveys, and making purchases online. By exchanging your SB, you can obtain gift cards for Amazon, PayPal, Target, Walmart, Starbucks, and more.

Surveys On The Go

You can make money in real-time by providing your opinions on TV shows, products, and shopping experiences through the app Surveys On The Go. Spend only a short time answering surveys to earn money.


You can conduct surveys using SurveyMonkey, from straightforward polls to intricate research projects. It is trusted and employed by numerous Fortune 500 firms worldwide.


With its surveys and advertisements, InboxDollars is a complete programme that lets you make money. Examine the highest paying ones, finish them, and receive cash incentives immediately. Additionally, this app informs you of the top deals from your preferred businesses.

Exentrim FeedbackSwift

Eccentric FeedbackSwift is an iOS and Android application that houses surveys made with Exentrim Cockpit. The software includes a guided response, question importance ranking, surveys in various languages, and more.

One of the finest methods to earn additional money online is through surveys.

Survey apps might help people who want to make extra money at the end of the month. I know that things are difficult; the pandemic has caused employers to cut hours, earnings to stagnate, and the cost of living is increasing everywhere.

What can you do?

Making flexible sources of income in the gig economy is one strategy most individuals have a turn too. I’m the same as everyone else. I’ve tried a lot of side gigs, and I’ve compiled what I think are your best choices for using survey apps on your phone or computer to earn money.

According to our evaluation of the majority of survey websites available, these are the finest survey apps that will do the job.

Overview: Best Survey Apps and Sites

The survey apps that we list here are the highest-paying options for 2022:

Because businesses use your comments and seek to understand your interest in certain goods and services, you can get paid for utilizing survey applications.

In these survey applications, market research carries out by the business or a particular market research-focused organization. Following are some of the biggest market research firms:

Best Survey Apps That Pay the Most

10+ Best Survey Apps That Pay You - Install on Android or iOS devices

Insider information about the top survey applications with the highest payouts provide here.

1. Survey Junkie (Best Survey App)

iPhone: 4.5 – 17,660+ reviews

Android: 4.3 – 8,220+ ratings

Payment procedures Paid via PayPal in gift cards or cash

In a nutshell: You may earn money and rewards by finishing simple activities with Survey Junkie. This app is excellent if you enjoy taking entertaining and engaging surveys. You can accumulate points that you can quickly redeem.

The best survey app, Survey Junkie, is the quickest way to earn money on your phone and is also the easiest to use. Members of Survey Junkie paid in cash via Paypal, and the app’s UI is incredibly smooth and user-friendly (unlike the majority of survey firm apps, which appeared to creates in 2005).

2. Swagbucks

13,674+ reviews for the iPhone at 4.4

39,986+ ratings for Android version 4.2

Gift cards or cash via PayPal have accepted forms of payment.

Briefly stated: By participating in entertaining surveys and polls, you can earn cashback with Swagbucks. In addition, when you shop and discover stuff online, you can receive gift cards and cash. A $10 welcome bonus also includes with the offer.

One can not love Swagbucks. With this survey software, you can get money by completing surveys, purchasing online, or playing games. However, many individuals find that viewing videos in their free time is the best method to earn SB (Swagbucks).

3. Inbox Dollars

Rating: 4.4 – 106,369+ reviews for iPhone

4.2 – 94,251 or more ratings for Android

Methods of payment in the form of a check or gift cards

Briefly put: You may get paid for giving feedback and doing surveys with Inbox Dollars. Be a part of the many InboxDollars users who have already made over $50 million in cash.

Would you prefer to make a solid income without considering converting points? Then, you won’t become bored with a points system using this survey software because it does precisely that. Members of InboxDollars receive payment in cash for reading emails, participating in online surveys, playing games, and conducting web searches.

4. Nielsen Mobile Panel

4,000+ reviews for the iPhone at 4.4

4.4 out of 13,000+ reviews for Android

Gift cards, entries into sweepstakes, and a $50 annual bonus for having the app downloaded on your device are all acceptable forms of payment.

Simply put, you will immediately enter into competitions for downloading the Nielsen App to your computer or mobile device. By using their software for a year, there are chances to make as much as $50.

You can participate in the research that Nielsen conducts by joining the Nielsen Mobile Panel. By examining the websites and applications that users like you use, this panel helps them better understand how customers utilize the Internet and mobile devices.

5. MyPoints

iPhone: 4.2 – 2,049 or more reviews

1,200+ ratings for Android version 4.0

Methods of payment: gift cards, PayPal cash, even airline miles

Briefly put: The MyPoints app covers whether you want to complete surveys on the go or shop at all your favourite stores conveniently from your phone. Utilize this free survey software to reward yourself with memorable experiences and cost-free gift cards.

MyPoints is a different app that offers a variety of ways to earn. There are numerous possibilities for users of this software to make money. Online tasks, including reading emails, playing games, completing surveys, and printing coupons, can earn you money. Additionally, utilizing the app at well-known businesses will earn you up to 40% cashback. Once your point balance reaches $10, you can pay them out via PayPal or gift cards.

If you spend $20 or more through the shopping site within 30 days, you’ll receive a $10 welcome incentive. If you only make an internet purchase, it is simple to complete if you had to pick just one survey app, like this one.

Best Survey Sites to Make Money Fast

Instead, do surveys on your desktop. Do you prefer it? Then, look at the finest survey websites to earn money from your PC or mobile device.

Branded Surveys



Toluna Influencers

Survey Voices

Ipsos iSay

Opinion Outpost

What Apps Pay Instantly for You?

When you reach the minimum compensation threshold, most applications that provide paid surveys start paying you. You can cash out after completing surveys or other chores like playing games or viewing films (if you meet the minimum payout amount).

Utilizing minimal cash-out apps like Mistplay is possible if you want to pay immediately. Find inexpensive cash-out apps like Mistplay so you may earn money on your mobile device by performing activities or playing games and withdrawing funds right away.

How much money can you make from surveys?

Yes, you can earn money by answering surveys using survey apps or participating in online paid surveys. So generating some extra beer money is achievable, though you shouldn’t anticipate making hundreds of dollars daily.


For most individuals, survey applications can be a terrific resource if you want to earn extra money. But you won’t even get your couch to make money.

Using survey applications, anyone with a smartphone may make money and have extra money to help with bills, debt repayment, or treat themselves to a nice beverage at the bar.

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