Bill Barnwell Rodgers Trade – Bill Barnwell said many people are mentioning him, saying that Aaron Rodgers is too old to justify trading away future draft picks. But he got that Tom Brady was a free agent, but he feels pretty confident about the Bucs. That he would have happily dealt their 2021 and 2022 first-rounders to acquire him.

Bill Barnwell Proposes Two Trades Sending Aaron Rodgers to AFC West

Bill Barnwell Proposes Two Trades Sending Aaron Rodgers to AFC West

Bill Barnwell lists seven squads that could theoretically trade for Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. And two of the deals he deliberates most likely — that the Denver Broncos or Las Vegas Raiders. They will trade to get the ruling MVP — would be of attention to Kansas City Chiefs followers.

Barnwell has the Broncos graded first with this somewhat tricky employment:

  • Packers get: CB Patrick Surtain II, WR Tim Patrick, QB Drew Lock, 2022 first-circular pick, 2023 first-circular pick.
  • Broncos get: Rodgers, CB Eric Stokes

Then, he has the Raiders graded sixth with this contract:

  • Packers get: QB Derek Carr, 2022 first-round pick, 2022 second-round pick, 2023 first-round pick.
  • Raiders get: Rodgers, a 2023 fourth-round pick.

In a lengthy introduction, Barnwell first acknowledges that the Packers continue saying they do not intend to trade their 37-year-old quarterback. He then assembles his list by eliminating teams in the NFC North and others that do not need Rodgers. A list includes the Chiefs — or lacking trade capital that would notice Green Bay or the salary-cap space to fascinate Rodgers’ existing contract. Then he reflects on trades that the Packers might consider based on two different situations. They think their present backup Jordan Love, will be prepared to start in 2021 — or that he won’t be.

Rodgers to the Broncos

The planned trade with Denver presumes that Love will be ready, surrendering Lock to become the Packer’s backup — or the starter if Love doesn’t turn out to be complete. Along with the Alabama cornerback, they developed with the ninth pick of the NFL Draft. A wide receiver who quietly had an excellent season last year for the wideout-needy Packers… and two first-round choices. The Packers give up Rodgers and their just-acquired corner, whom they selected with the 29th pick.

Rodgers to the Raiders

But the more straightforward Raiders deal presumes that the Packers believe Love will not be ready to start in 2021. Barnwell sees Carr as a short-term procurator who will jerk until Love is prepared to go. The real value is from the two first-round picks. The Packers would get for Rodgers and a fourth-round choice two years from today.

Other possibilities

Both of these proposed trades —laterally with others to players counting the New York Giants, Miami Dolphins and the Washington Football Team — are fascinating. The one to the Broncos convulsions in with the draft weekend assumption that Denver had drafted Surtain precisely so they could trade him to Green Bay. Barnwell also says that Raiders head coach Jon Gruden about failure to prepare Rodgers is one of his great regrets. And Las Vegas is pretty close to Los Angeles, where both Rodgers’ fiancée Shailene Woodley and “Jeopardy!” are based.

But by guessing that to Chiefs fans, these trades sound like behavior we have become familiar with seeing from two AFC West rivals. In the case of the Broncos, obtaining an ageing superstar after being unable to find good quarterbacks in the draft — and in the case of the Raiders… well… simply doing Raider things.


Hence, in the article, we discussed the Bill Barnwell Rodgers Trade. The way he trades and what he proposes the trades sending Aaron Rodgers to AFC West are explained briefly in this post. Barnwell doesn’t necessarily go off deep insider knowledge when it comes to his columns. But he typically brings a grounded, thorough projection for what teams need to accomplish and how they can do it.

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