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Dynasty Trade Value Chart Fantasy Football Update

Dynasty Trade Value Chart Fantasy Football Update

Dynasty trade value chart- Regardless of your record, Dynasty Trade value chart fantasy football is always about making plans for the future. And the fantasy football dynasty trade value chart can help you with that. Whether your team is doing well or your current season is in shambles, you should be looking forward to the one after this one. Of course, it would help if you kept moving forward in a dynasty and constantly trying to improve.

You can use this chart as a small reference to help you choose the trades you wish to make. However, it may also enable you to defraud your league. Everything depends on the game you want to play. Our dynasty trade value chart should assist you in weighing your trades and advancing your dynasty legacy, even if every situation, every team, and every player has a unique worth. Additionally, as always, we’re working to enhance our chart, so you’ll see a few changes from last month to this month. The most crucial point is to compare players from this month to players from this month, not from the previous month, as all of this month’s player formulas are identical.

Chart Methodology for Fantasy Football Dynasty Trade Values

If you’ve never looked at our Fantasy Football dynasty trade value chart, here’s a brief explanation of the technique. First, the FantasyPros’ best, worst, and average rankings in our rankings system. Then, to count all the variables, we add a tiny standard deviation.

Second, since average fantasy football points per game are what fantasy football is all about, you must take it into account. Third, valuations will vary throughout the season as rookies earn fantasy football points. Finally, we made some changes after hearing your feedback.

The age of a player is another factor that affects the dynasty chart. A player who is 32 years old will weigh less heavily than someone 22. Does that mean players under 22 are always more talented than those over 32?

2022 Dynasty Fantasy Football Trade Value Chart: Running Backs (September Edition) - Roto Street Journal

However, given that the player is only 22, it is considered when determining dynasty worth. So, after considering everything and putting it through our formulas, we can give each player a value. This factor can use to balance transactions in fantasy football and strengthen your squad in the future!

List of the Top 5 Quarterbacks

Josh Allen leads the fantasy football dynasty trade value chart, similar to our redraft trade value chart, as the best quarterback. Patrick Mahomes, who still offers excellent value, comes after Allen. Despite Justin Herbert’s injury this year, which prevented him from playing, they are now tied. Three people tied for second place behind them. Lamar Jackson, Jalen Hurts, and Joe Burrow are all excellent fantasy football quarterbacks, regardless of whether you prefer their rushing prowess or Joe Burrow’s swagger from the old school. Aside from that, they should all still be valuable in the coming years due to their youth as quarterbacks.

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Breakdown of the Top 5 Running Backs

What a year Saquon Barkley has had. He has resurfaced with a vengeance after many had begun to write him off as another running back prone to injuries. As a result, he leads the running backs on our fantasy football dynasty trade value charts for the first time in his career while averaging 20.2 fantasy points per game in PPR leagues. Jonathan Taylor, one of the younger backs, is still the second-best running back in dynasty terms despite having a lousy year and dealing with an injury.

Third place goes to Christian McCaffrey, a new member of the San Francisco 49ers. So far, he has been able to stay healthy this year and appears to be returning to his prior form. It would be intriguing to watch how his new squad uses him. D’Andre Swift, although having some injury difficulties, has performed well and is still only 23 years old, which makes him a great dynasty player. Finally, Breece Hall is currently highly valued despite being barely 21. He will need to watch going ahead to determine if he has a full recovery after suffering a horrific injury that ended his season. However, right now would be a fantastic moment to invest.

Breakdown of the Top Five Wide Receivers

Justin Jefferson, who is only 23 years old and averages more than 22 points a game, is at the top of this month’s fantasy football dynasty trade value chart. The electrifying Ja’Marr Chase is just behind him. These two players would make beautiful additions to your fantasy football club and should stay that way for years. The next player on the list, Kupp, is younger than the first two despite continuing to put up impressive stats at 29 years old.

A.J. Brown is fourth on our list and looks fantastic for his new Philadelphia squad. The following players might all flip and keep doing so because of performance and age. However, for now, also only 23 years old, can’t ignore CeeDee Lamb’s talent. And even though he’s only had 14 fantasy points per game this year, I expect those numbers will start to go up now that Dak is back.

The Top Five Tight Ends, in Order

On the fantasy football dynasty trade value table, Kyle Pitts began the season as the top tight end, but his low average of points has sent him down to number two. Mark Andrews, on the other hand, ascends to the top. Andrews is averaging 16.5 fantasy points each game despite being 27 years old. Travis Kelce, who is ranked third, has better issues per-game average, but at 33 years old, he isn’t as valuable in dynasty leagues as the other two. Dallas Goedert has performed admirably as a starting tight end, and George Kittle, a very skilled pass catcher whose strong motor can put him in increased danger of injury, are the next two tight ends.

Revisiting the Dynasty Trade Value Chart

Start your trading with this. First, the players you should target, according to this guide. Whether or not you want to trade some win-now players for future players since you’re already counting the year out and looking ahead to the following one. Or maybe you want to add depth to your bench by adding players who will keep working for you in the future. I hope the dynasty trade value chart is helpful to you in either case!


You’ll see that there is value for a first- and second-round pick in 2023. If the team you’re receiving the selection from is one of the top two or three in the league, don’t try to project where the 2023 pick will land the following year. However, it would help if you valued it less than the value below.

The following rankings are for one-quarterback PPR leagues where you start one quarterback, two running backs, three wide receivers, a tight end, and a flex. In non-PPR companies, running backs benefit while pass catchers suffer. Give all quarterbacks a 22-point boost if you can start two of them. Give tight ends an eight-point boost if tight ends are valued highly in your league.

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