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Monkey Ball Crypto – Intro, Features, Technical Data and More

Monkey Ball Crypto – Intro, Features, Technical Data and More

Introduction of Monkey Ball Crypto

Monkey Ball Crypto is the next-gen esports metaverse that syndicates high-production-cost multiplayer betting with Solana blockchain technology. Whereas, NFTs and regionalized finance to deliver a thrilling, turn-based play-to-receive soccer game that’s easy to acquire yet hard to lead. Monkey Ball takes a seat at FIFA Street’s and Final Imaginary’s connection. The game is being established on the Unity engine, ultimately positioning it on both Desktop and Mobile.

Features of Monkey Ball Crypto

Features of Monkey Ball Crypto

·       Project Achieving

Monkey Ball presents the concept of asset compactness. Companies own the game’s assets, Monkeys and Stadiums in the method of NFTs and take a grip of in-game currency as tokens. The game offers numerous play-to-earn schemes, giving players elasticity and also, enthusiasm in how they play.

Furthermore, players can exercise ascendancy over the game stand and capital using a DAO governance token. Hence, the game is being developed by a crew of experts in several corrections with unmatched knowledge in game design and development, having planned games that have produced billions of dollars in profits in the past 15 years.

·       Unique Selling Point

Gameplay –  

Monkey Ball is a quick, turned-based, Play-to-Earn arcade soccer game that gives everyone a chance to play and earn. Moreover, players build their ultimate Monkey Ball team consisting of 4 Monkeys to fill the positions of the Striker, Midfielder, Defender, and Goalkeeper. Although each Monkey can play any part, each unique Monkey has inherent abilities that make it better in a specific role.

Monkeys(Players) –

Monkeys are the squad’s players, announced by NFT assets preserved by game players. Monkeys are an income producer, allowing a player to receive Monkey Bucks by winning games. Monkey NFTs are not just a beautiful and infrequent collectable. Therefore, they are an in-game asset that marks the capability to play and win games.

Trainable facilities –

Each Monkey has four primary facilities:

  1. Accuracy: They developed the Accurateness score, the superior ability to score a goal from a distance.
  2. Passing: The more developed the Passing score, the greater the chances of successful passes.
  3. Défense: Thus, higher the Défense score, the better the chance of successfully tackling and defending.
  4. Control: The more sophisticated the Control score, the greater the ability to collect and also, keep the Ball.

Spectators –

Game players can also earn passive Monkey Bucks by being Spectators, watching other players’ matches, and rooting for a team that wins the game. Being a spectator and rooting for a group is an easy task that’s not only rewarding for the spectator but impacts the overall results of the game by boosting the morale of the team playing.

Technical Data of Monkey Ball Crypto

·       Token Metrics

  1. Token Name: Monkey Bucks

Ticker: $MBS

Blockchain: Solana

Token Standard: Updating

Contract: Updating

Token Type: Utility

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000

Circulating Supply: Updating

  1. Token Name: Score

Ticker: $SCORE

Blockchain: Solana

Token Standard: Updating

Contract: Updating

Token Type: Governance token

Total Supply: Updating

Circulating Supply: Updating

·       MBY Price Live Data

The live price of Monkey Token is $ <0.0000001 per (MBY / USD) today, with a current market cap of $ 0 United States Dollars. Whereas, 24-hour trading volume is $ 996.16 United States Dollars. MBY to USD price is updated in real-time. Monkey Token is +14.22% in the last 24 hours. Therefore, has a circulating supply of 0 USD.

MBY Price Performance USD

Change        Amount                %

Today            $ <0.0000001   +14.22%

30 Days          $ 0                     -20.21%

60 Days         $ 0                      -65.15%

90 Day s        $ 0                      -71.77%


Hence, Monkey Ball is a good game that has a play-to-earn model. And also, they develops an economic system governed by players, which is innovative and has potential. Axie Infinity has the first-mover benefit, but it won’t be the only game in which society can earn money in the future. Both Axie Immensity and Monkey share an identical economic system. However, Monkey Ball is reckoned to have better graphics and more addictive gameplay. Moreover, stakeholders should keep an eye on this plan.

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