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About Tools Of The Trade Diablo 2 – Completing Tools Of Trade & More

About Tools Of The Trade Diablo 2 – Completing Tools Of Trade & More

Tools of the Trade Diablo 2

Tools Of The Trade Diablo 2 is the fifth quest in the game, and the hardest to navigate and complete up to that point. But when you know what you’re doing, it’s not so hard. This quest becomes available by speaking to Charsi following The Forgotten Tower quest, or after entering the Tamoe Highlands, however, it can only be retrieved from its stand by a character that is at least level 8 and has not yet completed the quest. The Horadric Malus also cannot be picked up until after Deckard Cain has been rescued from Tristram. Charsi requests your aid in retrieving the Horadric Malus, an enchanted smithing hammer that could be used to aid the Sisters in their battle against Evil. Charsi indicates that she was forced to abandon it while fleeing the Rogue Monastery during the invasion by Andariel.

Tools of the Trade Diablo 2

Completing Tools of the Trade in Diablo 2 Resurrected

  • To begin Tools of the Trade, players will need to speak to Charsi after reaching the Monastery Gates, an area accessible from Tamoe Highland. She will mention that she left her Horadric Malus behind in the Monastery. Players will have to track down and kill one of Act I’s Super Unique enemies, the Smith, to find the weapon and return it to Charsi. The first step to completing the quest is finding the Monastery Barracks. After entering the Monastery from the gates, find the Outer Cloister, then enter the Barracks from there.
  • Jail Level 1 will sometimes appear near the beginning of the Barracks area, so if players move on right away, they will miss the rest of this quest. Instead, explore the Barracks until coming across the Smith. Bringing the weapon back to Charsi will grant players a worthwhile reward. For players in a multiplayer campaign of Diablo 2: Resurrected, there will only be 1 Horadric Malus to pick up, but each member of the party will still receive the reward.
  • Charsi shows her gratitude by offering to imbue one of the player’s normal items (white). Imbuing the item will upgrade it to a rare (yellow) item with several properties. The ability and stat boosts will depend on the item the player chooses to imbue. After Charsi imbues an item, the quest will update and show as completed. Tools of the Trade is a non-mandatory quest in Act I of Diablo 2: Resurrected.


To get the Horadric Malus, you’ll need to head to the Rogue Monastery. You’ll find it by following the path through the Black Marsh and the Tamoe Highlands. When you make it to the monastery, head through the Outer Cloister into the Barracks. As a reward for returning the Horadric Malus to her, Charsi will imbue a piece normal equipment with randomly selected abilities.

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