Yulustore.com Apps

Yulustore.com Apps  is an innovation-driven portability stage, empowering coordinated metropolitan versatility across open and confidential methods of transport. It works in Bengaluru, Delhi, Gurugram, Mumbai, Pune, and Bhubaneswar with 18,000 single-seater vehicles across 2.5 million users. They have  raised $19.9million in financing as of Feb 2021. Yulu is an innovation-driven portability stage that empowers Coordinated Metropolitan Versatility across open and confidential methods of transport. Utilizing Miniature Portability Vehicles (MMVs) through an easy-to-use, versatile application, Yulu empowers a first and last-mile network that is consistent, shared, and feasible.

We are an India-based organization with an establishing group that is profoundly energetic about making positive social effects. Thus, if you are enthusiastic about the difficulties of metropolitan portability, tumultuous clog, and reasonable living, we should discuss and have an effect together!


Yulu was established in 2017 by Amit Gupta, RK Mishra, Hemant Gupta, and Naveen Dachuri. In January 2018, the organization started activities in Bangalore and Pune, trailed by Mumbai and Bhubaneswar, toward the finish of 2018. Ans also in September 2019, they extended to New Delhi, and by Walk 2020, they were in Ahmedabad, covering six significant urban communities in a range of three years.

In January 2019, Yulu sent off another armada of 2,000 e-vehicles called the Miracle, followed by presenting its web of things charging box, which empowers a financially savvy battery-trading network. In November 2019, Yulu updated the Marvel by adding a sack holder, safeguards, and an improved footrest. Yulu sent off 8,000 more Supernatural occurrence e-vehicles with further improvements. In April 2020, because of the Covid flare-up, Yulu acquainted a ‘Last-disinfected’ timestamp with their application to guarantee the most extreme safety. In June 2020, Yulu presented a day-in and day-out talk backing their application to develop client support further.


  1. Footboard – Supernatural occurrence footboard is extraordinarily intended to give more legroom, providing a nice ride
  2. Versatile Holder – Supernatural occurrence is outfitted with a remarkable and of its sort general portable holder
  3. QR Code
  4. Front light
  5. Battery Marker
  6. Special Body


  • More Force
  • More power yield
  • Less intensity dispersal
  • Fast speed increase
  • Less vibration
  • Less clamor contamination
  • Lessen air contamination if the energy source is a sustainable power


  • Cost of the vehicle
  • Self-release
  • The life of battery packs is dubious
  • Dispensable of battery is exceptionally confounded
  • Charging time is high contrasted with filling
  • Exposed rendition bicycles won’t look great ( anticipated)


Basically, Yulustore.com Apps are featured in this blog have helped stay faithful to its obligation to protect the strength of its clients. It has likewise helped the experts in their battle against the clever Covid. In a rental business that includes the constant exchange of bicycles or cycles starting with one individual and then onto the next, it turns out to be much more essential to stick to these actions and not just figure them out, which Yulu has done splendidly.

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