Damian Lillard Trade Lakers – There is some speculation that the Trail Blazers could be trading Lillard after he posted a cryptic message on Instagram following the Game 6 loss to the Denver Nuggets. If Portland opts to trade Lillard, that likely means the franchise is going into a rebuild. Dame changed away is highly unlikely. However, teams will be knocking on Portland’s door, asking for his availability.

It isn’t easy to imagine what Lillard would cost via trade, but for Portland to dish him away, they’d have to receive a haul. He’s the face of the Blazers franchise, and they’re a playoff contender as long as he’s on the roster.

Damian Lillard Trade Lakers Scenarios

Damian Lillard Trade Lakers Scenarios

  1. The Lakers are an organization that will do anything to improve their team around LeBron James and Anthony Davis.
  2. They could be the franchise to offer a trade Portland can’t refuse.
  3. Furthermore, it is worth noting that Lillard appeared to hint that he wanted to bring in to the Lakers. Although it is all speculation, LA fans will undoubtedly want that.
  4. The Purple and Gold would have to give up picks and players to acquire Damian Lillard.
  5. Lillard won’t come cheap, as he’s one of the best point guards in the league. With that said, here are two actual trades the Lakers could make to acquire Damian Lillard.

1. Andre Drummond, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, & 3 First-Round Picks

  • Andre Drummond is in a similar position as Schroder is, as he would have to be re-signed by the Lakers first. However, packaging him alongside Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and three first-round picks could be a deal that sways the Blazer’s front office into trading Lillard away.
  • Drummond had it rough this year, but once he joined LA, he became a solid center again. The interior protection would greet in Portland, and his power can’t be unnoticed. Caldwell-Pope is a reliable 3-point shooter that fits the Trail Blazers’ offense well. And also, the three first-round selections give Portland the pieces for a rebuild.
  • Portland tends to like to have two solid centers in their rotation, as we’ve seen the team roster featuring Enes Kanter and Hassan Whiteside. Adding Drummond into the mix and letting Kanter walk gives the Blazers a starting caliber center at all times. Their 3-point shooting wouldn’t fade since the team still had deadly shooters to stretch the court.

2. Dennis Schroder, Montrezl Harrell, Kyle Kuzma & 2 First-Round Picks

  • Dennis Schroder is due to hit free agency, so he’d have to be re-signed before being traded. However, packaging him with Montrezl Harrell and Kyle Kuzma gives the Trail Blazers some talented players to work with them. Schroder is a competent point guard who is solid on the defensive end. Harrell is an athletic freak who never seems to tire, and Kuzma would be a high-end role player in Portland’s line-up.
  • The two first-round picks from the Lakers sweeten the deal, giving Portland some capital for future drafts down the road. In this deal, Portland receives a point guard to replace Lillard, a power forward/center to help down low, and a small forward to help on the perimeter. Rip City might still be competitive in the Western Conference, especially with Chauncey Billups now at the wheel.


Hence, in this article, we have briefly shown you the Damian Lillard Trade Lakers. Unfortunately, as much as the Lakers may want to trade for Lillard, they don’t have the assets necessary to acquire him. Therefore, any mock trade offer via ESPN’s trade machine that mentions THT + picks is a poorly thought-out strategy, and no one makes it in reality.

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